Bios Urn - transform the ashes into a tree : 74 euros
Price (freight cost include! ) for USA (Canada, and south africa) : 125 $*
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(75 euros = around 92 $US - Delivery: United State, Canada, South africa and more.... )

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Original Bios Urn 

Original idea, Gerard Moliné 1997 / Medalla ADI FAD 2002 / TOP Nominated Index Award 2005 / Expohogar Regalo 2005.


Delivery time USA (united state, US) , Canada, south africa : around 10 days.. 

Delivery time : United Kingdom and European union : 


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The world famous Bios Urn project reintroduces the human being to the natural circle of life.The Bios Urn turns burial into regeneration and a return to life through nature.



cycle de vie


Bios is a funeral urn made from biodegradable materials: cellulose,coconut shell, compacted peat, and natural fibres. Inside it there is a “Pinus” seed which can be replaced by another seed or plant suitable for the location and time of year. To ensure success we recommend you use a germinated plant or bury the urn next to a tree that will grow to remember your loved one.  Once the urn is planted, the seed germs and begins to grow. Inside the BIOS URN you will find the seed of a tree called "Aleppo Pine". (You can also very easily changethe seeds and put any kind of seeds compatible with your local environment. see faq for more information)


What’s in the box?

 bios urn

 The volume of the BIOS URN is 3 Liters. (ashes of a 120 km human).



bios urn instruction


1. The urn comes assembled and ready to be taken to the place chosen for the regeneration.

2. Remove the seal and the outer packaging of the urn.

3. Put the ashes in the urn’s lower part. Close it with the top part and  put the soil with the seed in it.

4. Bury the urn in fertile soil with its top level with the soil surface and water it.

5. In a few days the seed will germinate and  your tree will begin to grow.

6. The tree will continue to grow year after year.


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Frequently asked question (please read it before asking a question) 


What is the bios urn price in US dollars ?

In euro, the bios urn cost 74 euros

Freight cost for US/canada : 25 euros

Total :  99 euros. *

*Total in dollars with freight cost for US/Canada/ south africa (around) 125 $ (depending of the price Euro Vs Dollars)  The transaction is done by paypal. With paypal you will pay on your local money. You will see the exact price in dollars (or in your local money) on paypal.


Does bios urn have a shelf life? If I bought one now but don't die for say, 20 years, will it still be viable?

After 1-2 years the seeds can have problem to grow up. Wen you want to use the bios urn I can advice to buy new seeds at your gardening local store. You can also easily find seeds on internet for exemple

Concerning the Bios Urn it can be in stock for three years or more if you keep it in a dry room. Just that, not wet environment.


Is a certain temperature or environment needed? 

Yes I advice to put a seeds compatible with the temperature and environment of your country. The seeds can be changed. So I advice to take advise on your local gardening shop to use the best appropriate seeds for your environment. And you can easily change the seeds. you can easily find seeds on internet for exemple


Is it legal ?

For USA it's possible :

For other country this is depending of the law of your country it’s the same law than scaterring ashes.


Is it possibleto buy the bios urn for pets : dog, cat... ?

Yes, of course a lot of person are doing that.


is it possible to use the bios urn to plant an indoor potted tree/plant? 

Yes, and you can change the tree seeds by flower seeds if you prefer.


Do you have this product in English I live in the US and don't speak french ?

Yes, the information on the product are in english, french and spainish. 


I am a professional is there special price ?

We are doing special price if you buy 5 or more bios urn. In this case please contact us. 

Do you do international orders?

Yes , Europe freight cost are 9 euros

United state, Canada, South Africa freight cost are 25 euros (35 dollars)

Australia,NZ : 25 euros

other coutry please contact us


are you on facebook ?

Yes, you can visit my facebook page and like it ! :)


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Sunday, 12 February 2017
Le concept de l'urne bios est génial transformé les cendres en arbre ! C'est un jolie design et un jolie emballage conforme à la description. La livraison est rapide 3 jours.
Tuesday, 25 August 2015
idée très original ! Le produit est très bien emballé, Il a été livré en 3 jours. Merci

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